On 20 October 2017 ECLA had its General Assembly, in the premises of the Law Society of England and wales in London. Apart from the usual topics such as 2018 budget and financial situation, the discussion was concentrated on the possible outsourcing of administrative, lobbying and consulting services to a specialised company, which will have the task to bring ECLA on a more professional and influential level. There was quite some debate on the pro's and con's of such outsourcing, but finally a conclusion was reached. ECLA will conclude a contract with the German service company dfv, located at Frankfurt. A separate dedicated company will be formed in Brussels, providing and ensuring the agreed services to ECLA. More details of this form of co-operation will be presented in the coming months. In the afternoon session there were presentations on various topics: Brexit, ICW, Catalonia and the progress in the joint ECLA/CMS interview program.

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